Tuesday, 19 June 2012

 Fender Jaguar - American Vintage Series '62 Reissue

Black with tortoise shell scratchplate and rosewood neck.

I toured with this guitar for two years and it sounds great. I have gravitated to the world of Gibson, and no longer use it - so it needs a new home!

Two years of touring obviously meant that it has some scrapes - mostly belt-wear but there are a few chips etc - evident in the pictures. 

Comes with tremolo arm and (extremely cool imo) brown case with gold lining!

Collect from East London
£900 (o.n.o)message whalesale9@gmail.com


1963 Harmony Meteor Guitar (H-70)

I bought this in New York last year and no longer really have the use for a hollow-body, so am selling as it deserves more use. Its a beautiful guitar.

The neck is pretty small-scale (especially very thin) making it incredibly easy to play.
The pickups sound really lush.

There are a few tiny blemishes which I've shown in the pictures.
Comes in a two-tone original 60's hard-case.

Collection from East London
£850 (o.n.o)

message whalesale9@gmail.com


1974 Fender Twin Reverb (Silverface)

I'm touring with a different amp now and this is not getting played so its time it found a better home.

It comes hard-cased as you can see in the pictures below. The hard-case is basically as-new.
I had this fully serviced at Matt Snowballs Music last summer and its only been played twice since!

£1000 for amp and case. (o.n.o)
Collect from East London